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This website is the property of Sharynx, rental platform of vehicles and private accommodation in Belgium, whose office is located at 1000 Brussels, Antwerpsesteenweg. The use of the website Sharynx does not confer any intellectual property right to the user on the website content. The content of the website means, all texts, photos, videos, images animated or not, data, posters, logos, brands and other elements that make up the site. Simply because of the connection to the website, the user agrees to accept that only the use for personal and private use is authorized. Any other use requires the prior express consent of Sharynx. Violation of these provisions subjects the offender and all persons responsible to criminal and civil penalties including counterfeiting and/or infringement of the trademark and/or copyright and/or other provisions that would be applicable to intellectual property. It is forbidden to reproduce, distribute, sell, modify, grant all or part of any of the elements reproduced on the site and all or part of the website in general, without the prior express consent of Sharynx. For information and electronic reproduction request, please contact the webmaster. We ask you to specify us much context, the desired duration of reproduction, the nature of the website and the proposed presentation. Do not forget to let us also your name, the name of your association or your company, and your contact information including your email. Any unlawful use of all or part of the site may lead to prosecution in accordance with law.


Any user or visitor is prohibited from establishing, from any site, a link to the present site, including any of its sub-pages, without the express consent of Sharynx. This prohibition applies to any kind of technical or link through which the name, address or any other component (including images, logos, animations, text, buttons, …) or part of an item listed on the page of the site is displayed on one of the pages of another site, or by which the user is, from that other site, returned in any manner whatsoever on the present website. The request for consent must be sent by mail to info<@>

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