Guarantees !

Guarantee Car Insurance

Guarantees summary:

  • Insurance Deductibles, up to 3,000 EUR per folder;
  • Cancellation Insurance, up to 10,000 EUR per insured person:
    • Complication during pregnancy;
    • Death of a minor parent or relative to the 3rd degree;
    • Divorce or separation;
    • Important material damages to your home;
    • Pregnancy, provided that the travel is planned in the last 3 months of the pregnancy and the contract was underwritten before the beginning of the pregnancy;
    • Termination;
    • Illness, accident or death of the insured, a parent to the 2nd degree or a person taking over your business activities;
  • Assistance vehicle (Europe without mileage limitation) :
    • Legal assistance in case of traffic accident: attorney fees to a maximum of 1,250 EUR and advance the bail in the amount of 12,500 EUR;
    • Caravan and trailer provided free of charge;
    • Transport of persons;
    • Breakdown and towing;
    • Sending spare parts;
    • Caretaking costs up to 65 EUR;
    • Additional hotel nights in case of theft or repair the vehicle on site (abroad);
    • Repatriation of the vehicle, passengers, luggage and pets;
    • Recovering your abandoned vehicle;
    • Replacement vehicle included;
    • Vehicle, up to 10 years.