Exclusions !

Exluded claims

Are excluded:

  1. The claims for which there is no coverage vehicle insurance.
  2. The use of the rental vehicle in violation of the automobile insurance policy.
  3. The driving of the rental vehicle by another person designated by the car insurance policy.
  4. The claims for which you can not submit a record or an international accident report duly signed by all parties or a statement of the tenant.
  5. The rentals for a period exceeding 31 days.
  6. Damages to the vehicle interior.
  7. The criminal facts, betting, violation of local regulations or attempt to that fact.
  8. Confiscation and / or towing of the rental vehicle.
  9. Paid transport of persons and / or properties.
  10. Rental vehicles used for driving lessons.
  11. Damages due to failure of the rental vehicle.
  12. The use of the rental vehicle outside the public road.
  13. Damage to or caused by a trailer or caravan.
  14. All existing accident at the entry into force of the guarantee and their consequences.
  15. The misuse of medications, use of drugs, narcotics or stimulants, drunkenness or alcoholism.
  16. Intentional acts or deliberate, thoughtless attitudes, suicide and attempted suicide.
  17. Strikes, decisions of authorities, restrictions on free movement, radioactive rays, or the voluntary non-compliance of legal or official provisions.
  18. Wars, civil wars, insurrections, revolutions or riots.
  19. Terrorist acts and their consequences.
  20. Delays or non-compliance of agreed services, in case of force majeure, unforeseeable events, strikes, wars or civil wars, revolts, riots, decisions of authorities, restriction of free movement, radioactive radiation, explosion, sabotage, hijacking or terrorism.
  21. All the consequences of exclusions mentioned in this contract.