Exclusions !

Disasters Excluded to rent housing

Are excluded:

  1. Existing damage during the rental period.
  2. Damages for which you are not responsible or damages that are not demonstrable on the basis of an inventory established at the beginning and end of the rental.
  3. Damage to third parties or other damages to holiday accommodation referred to special conditions or its contents.
  4. Indirect Damages and losses.
  5. Misuse of medications, use of drugs, narcotics or stimulants, drunkenness or alcoholism.
  6. Intentional or voluntary acts, including suicide and attempted suicide.
  7. Damage to a caravan, a folding caravan, motor home or boat caused while driving or navigation.
  8. Damage caused by work (maintenance) during the rent.
  9. Strikes, decisions of authorities, restrictions on free movement, radioactive rays or willful non-compliance of legal or official provisions.
  10. Wars, civil wars, insurrections, revolutions or riots.
  11. The acts of terrorism.
  12. Epidemics and quarantine.
  13. Natural disasters.
  14. All the consequences of exclusions mentioned in this contract.